Australian Citizenship

Information on how to apply for Australian citizenship as well as information for Australian citizens.

Why should I become a citizen?

Becoming an Australian citizen is an important step in your migration story. You are choosing to make an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that Australia stands for.

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Applying for citizenship

The Australian government encourages permanent residents of Australia to apply for Australian citizenship when they become eligible.

How you apply for Australian citizenship will vary depending on your current circumstances.

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Can I apply for citizenship?

Select an option that best describes your situation. Need more help? Use the Citizenship Wizard.

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Citizenship wizard

If you are not sure which citizenship option is for you, use the Citizenship Wizard.

The Citizenship Wizard asks you a series of questions to determine what application option you should use to apply for Australian citizenship.

Current Australian citizens

Information for current Australian citizens, including:

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Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies are special events where applicants for citizenship are required to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge. This is the final step in the journey to become an Australian citizen.

The citizenship ceremony is also an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community. . You will be invited to attend your ceremony once your citizenship application has been approved.

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We celebrate a number of special days and events in Australia, and citizenship and affirmation ceremonies are often held as part of these celebrations.

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Access publications and resources on Australian citizenship, including:

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    • Amending your personal details
    • Australian citizenship and travel
    • Dual citizenship
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    • Law and policy
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