Entering or leaving Australia

What to expect at the border and what you can bring into the country.

  • Going through the border

    Includes arrival and departing policies, what you can bring on a plane, how to clear your belongings.

  • Bringing items into Australia

    Includes information about what items you can and can’t bring to Australia.

  • Duty-free

    Information on duty-free concessions for personal items you bring in your baggage.

  • Moving to Australia

    Includes importing your personal effects, sending them by cargo or mail.

  • Tourist refund scheme

    Lets you claim a refund on GST and wine equalisation tax that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.

  • Aviation and maritime crew

    Includes visas for aviation and maritime crew, requirements for ship masters, agents, yachts and pleasure craft.

  • Returning residents

    Visa options for current or former Australian permanent residents, and citizens.

  • Clearing goods through the border

    Includes information and guidance for importing goods into Australia.

  • School leavers

    What you need to know when heading overseas for schoolies.

  • Military personnel

    Essential information for military personnel on arrival and departure.

  • Work and Holiday Maker

    Information on the Working Holiday Maker programme for young adults (aged 18-30 years).

  • Resuming your citizenship

    Includes the application process to resume your citizenship.

  • Emergency numbers

    Includes information about emergency numbers for police, fire or ambulance.

  • Students

    Information for students who are considering studying in Australia.